This Blog Series is designed based on the conception that: "a project manager or contract manager will be more adept in evaluating and selecting a contracting system that is most appropriate to the requirements of the work and conforming to the economic, legal, cost, time and quality requirements and managing it efficiently, if they are very knowledgeable in the principles and philosophy of construction law and operational aspects of the various contracting systems".

Our aim for compiling the Blog Series are, ‘to provide material and readable comment of interest and usefulness to both students and practitioners’. This is achieved in numerous contents distributed to cover parts of construction law, construction management, construction procurement, construction contract and construction disputes, etc. The issues identified by this Blog Series seem complete for anyone’s findings and generally very useful for any research on the relationship of the construction contract law governed in Malaysia and the construction contract management in the construction industry.

Lastly, this Blog Series is undoubtedly a useful step into the literature of complete construction contract law and management for people who work in construction.